dimanche 20 juin 2010

Special Thanks from Bert'

Bertrand vient de m'envoyer la photo de son pike lors de notre seule sortie Garonne il y a une quinzaine de jours. Bert' sait que j'essaie de mettre à jour ce blog régulièrement et a tenu à écrire ce petit mot à destination de mes lecteurs. En voici le contenu dans sa version originale (en bon matheux je suis particulièrement fan des deux premiers paragraphes).

"Fishing is such a sport that depends on many variables. Some of which can be readily controlled, but most of them are ‘unknowns’. Most of the time, anglers often strive to achieve the ‘best possible’, but that doesn’t often happen. Unknowingly, the ‘best possible’ that we think we know, is actually a ‘balance’. To some of us, fishing is somewhat of an ‘equation’. In most cases, the equation has to balance itself. Although we strive to achieve ‘perfection’, but in reality, the ‘balance’ is the ‘perfection’ we seek.

In that, the measure of success of a fishing trip does not depend solely on the skills, experience, resources and time we have. Although the ‘equation’ can never be balanced without them, the ‘people’ side of things is what makes a successful trip ‘complete’. Among the good people that I had fished with recently, there was respect and trust among us all. Although spending just five days, I was only shown the best possible waters and was thought the best of techniques. Nothing beats good old local knowledge.

In fact, no targets were set before the trip. But, I'd 'unintentionally' achieved almost all of them. For this, I would like to thank PESCANAUTIC’s David Mailland. He ‘sacrificed’ five day’s of his time and patience and thought me what I need to know about fishing and France in general. The same has to be said to ILLEX’s Sylvain Garza who graciously invited us for a stay in the Lot, and showed us some of the best possible spots along the upper Lot River on his tournament bass boat. Even on a day in which we ended up catching none but one perch; I do somewhat feel like the ‘black cat’ of the day. Lastly, although just meeting briefly, FTF’s Nicolas Borreau. And yes, we did finally catch the big one. YATTTTTTTTTTTA!!

In all, we met an introduced ourselves as avid anglers, but parted ways as friends. I await the next challenge, possibly with you guys here in England. Merci beaucoup!"

That's all folks !